Cookie Policy

We do not do anything out of the ordinary with cookies.

Our cookies are used to make certain site functionality work and to submit anonymous information to our web statistics provider.

Certain providers such as Youtube, Vimeo and Google use their own cookies on our site to provide functionality.
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The cookies we use:


A boolean value indicating if the user has javascript enabled in their browser


A bolean indicating if a user has agreed to allow cookies from our website


A session cookie to identify logged in users or anonymous users with bookmarks


A cookie to identify an anonymous user's bookmarks - will only activate if a user avails of the bookmark facility


keeps a count of bookmarks for the current user

Third Party Cookies

Various cookies to facilitate map functionality on content creation forms
Various cookies to provide anonymous web statistics to our account
Various cookies to enable the Captcha on forms

Various cookies to facilitate video functionality

Various cookies to facilitate video functionality